Granting Ownership to Beneficiaries


In the Kamikatsu recycling program, self governance and ownership is a very important principal. This started with the very announcement of the program back in 2003. Unlike most environmental policies which come at the tail end of a new, stricter polices, Kamikatsu decided to set the bold goal of no waste by 2020 purely on its own accord. There was no ban on incineration, or cap on landfill dumping. The residents instead were acting out of democratized support for a healthier environmental practices. As the program was developed, this ownership remained an actable principal. One example of this are the home composting bins that every resident owns, as well as fact there is no municipal trash pickup service in town. All residents are responsible for their own waste. Outside of being a sound principal, this is an important incentive to cut down on consumption in the first place (i.e. the Reduce of the '3R's'). Because more waste equals more work, residents will naturally consume less.

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